Friday, May 18, 2007

Felted roses

Loom knit felted roses
(The red rose on the right was done using two strands of yarn and didn't felt as well as the other three done with a single strand. of yarn)

After a week of babysitting the twins (my son's children), I finally finished the fourth rose (pictured on the loom in the previous post), worked out the pattern for the leaves, knitted eight leaves for the four roses (two for each rose), and felted all of them last night. I just had to snap one more picture of all four roses before felting so I could compare them with the felted roses. Also, I wanted to remember how they looked in case something went horribly wrong during the felting process.
Pre-felted roses

Finally, with reckless abandon I cast the four flowers into hot depths of the washing machine and waited for what seemed like an eternity while the metamorphosis took place. Upon retrieving them from their metal cocoon, I was totally awestruck at the transformation. This was my first voluntary experience with felting, but it definitely won't be my last. I have already started another rose-colored rose and as soon as I locate some yellow wool yarn, I'll make some yellow roses. These can be used for hat decorations, corsages, added to hair clasps, on handbags, gift bags, or room decorations.

The Felted Roses flower pattern has been added to My Pattern Box in the right sidebar. I have also been asked to teach this project for the LoomClass Yahoo Group.