Monday, October 21, 2013

Ms. Kitty

My new favorite loom for knitting amigurumi, washcloths,afghan squares, and other little items is the KB Sock Loom 2 which is a smaller version of the All-n-One Loom. Both of these looms have a 3/8 inch gauge and can easily accommodate one strand of worsted weight yarn. Also, both can be adjusted for decreases or increases which proved to be the perfect loom for today's featured project, Ms. Kitty, pictured above.

Ms. Kitty is a loom knitted adaptation of Linda Dawkins Beans the Cat, which is a needle knitted pattern available as a free Ravelry download. My loom knitted version is very similar, but modified for the loom. Since there was no size or gauge mentioned in Linda's pattern, I had to guess, but overall I was pleased with my little fat cat. I plan on making one using black yarn for Halloween.


Ms. Kitty, the amigurumi cat
(The following gives general modifications for making this project on the loom. For complete needle pattern information, please refer to the Ravelry pattern, Beans the Cat)

Loom: KB Sock Loom 2
Yarn: Paton's Shetland Chunky in #03212 Imperial (This is a #5 yarn in a discontinued color, so you may have to substitute.)
Embroidery yarn or buttons for eyes and nose

Gauge: 4 st X 6 rows = 1 inch in stockinette stitch
Size: 4.3 inches tall and approximately 3 inches wide

Stitch pattern: Crossed Stockinette
Row 1: flat or u-knit all pegs
Row 2: e-wrap knit all pegs


Set slider for 30 pegs (10 on each side, plus the 5-peg end pieces)
CO 30 pegs using a drawstring CO. 
Work Crossed Stockinette stitch pattern for 2¾ inches ending on an e-wrap row.
*K1, k2tog; rep from * to end of row. This is a decrease from 30 to 20 stitches.
Continue working stitch pattern for another 1.8 to 2 inches.

Refer to the original pattern for shaping, stuffing, eyes and nose.

Tail: Work a 5 inch I-cord using 4 pegs and stitch in place.


I hope to be adding many more projects that I've worked on over the past few months. I've spent more time knitting than blogging so I'm a bit behind updating Loom Lore. I hope to add projects that I did for the Yahoo Loom Class that haven't been posted before in addition to new creations. My next post will be my version of a log cabin square done on the loom, so stay tuned.


Karen Aicken said...

Brenda, this is just TOO CUTE! Off to check out the small loom. :-)

path7401 said...

Yay! A new post! I have missed your blog posts and am so glad you have some time to work on them again.

The Kitty is just adorable!!! I want to make a whole bunch of them. As soon as I finish four more weeks of a 12 week bible study, finish the baby blanket I still have on the loom, and sew some more items for a charity here in town, go to the charities' training seminar this Sat (all day--hope I can stay awake!) Ugh!
I'm just glad you are back and look forward to more great posts.
Thanks for the pattern and ideas,
Pat H, KS

Georgia Gutierrez said...

Brenda would you please consider doing a tutorial for the roses I saw in your project pictures section. I love them and would live to know how to do them. Thank You...

Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

Thank you, Georgia! I love knitting flowers and the felted roses are one of my favorites! The "Felted Roses" pattern is listed in the right sidebar of this blog under Pattern Box. Also, I did a post showing how I made them on May 12 and May 18, 2007. You can either type "roses" in the upper left search box of this page or go to the Archives listed in the right sidebar.

Bethany Daily of shows how to make an alternate version of the leaves for the roses so you can use them as a bouquet instead of a pin or purse embellishment. Just type "roses" in her blog's search box and it will come right up.

Terry Schwartz said...

Whoo Hoo Brenda! You are so generous to share with us the way to do this on a loom. I recently bought several KISS fine gauge looms and I am sure they will be perfect!
I need a little cat toy for Christmas for my favorite grown nephew's critter ( his kitty is like a child to him lol) A little cat nip in your creation and I'm done :D

I have had a few more surgeries and have been reading about looming more than creating lately, but hoping to get back in the groove soon, and really needed some easy little projects. This one is on the short list! Thanks Again.....
Terry S (Jersey Girl)

Anonymous said...

Is there another loom you can do this on besides the sock loom? I dont have a sock loom. :(

Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

The kitty could be made on almost any knitting loom, but you would need to refigure the pattern. The advantages to using the AKB Sock Loom2 are: small gauge, adjustability & working in the round.

Maryann Stahl said...

hello :)
I am wondering, will this work on any adjustable sock loom? I am not sure who the maker is of the one I have. And the only adjustment it does, is the side bar slides. The pegs are not removable.

Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

The gauge on the KB Sock Loom2 is 3/8 inch, which is the same as the KB All-n_One. Ms. Kitty can be made on other adjustable looms, but if the gauge is different, the finished project will be a different size. Most other sock looms have a slightly smaller gauge, usually 5/16 inch, so your kitty would be slightly smaller.

Gentiane Trognon said...

Hi Brenda!

It was a long time since I posted here... It was a long time since I loomknitted too... Cause I didn't have looms anymore... And also because I became a mom! Didn't have time anymore!

My son will be 2 years old in a couple of days...

I was reading your blog and he saw this cute little kitty and said "wowww le chat!!!!" which means "wowww the cat!!!!"!

So I'll try to loomknit him this cat as birthday gift!! It's just to cute! I love it!

But I only have the knifty knitter round looms, the flower loom and the spooler, just like on this pic of yours:

(I have to admit, before I ordered my looms I chose which one I should order by re-reading your complete blog!!! lol ;) )

So now to my question... Do you mean I could make it on the little knifty knitter with 24 pegs? I thought I could begin to knit flat by decreasing and then sew the sides to become the "tube".... What do you think?

Please help!


PS: Happy to read you again!

Marcia Meeker said...

I guess I am the only one that is confused. I understand the pattern until it comes to the decrease for Ms Kitty. I am on the Sock Loom 2 and I am not getting the shape of this cat. I really want to get it to look like yours but I am stuck!