Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lacy Pumpkin Loom-inaries

Just a quick post with a fun little pattern I designed and taught for the Yahoo's Loom Class a couple of years ago called, Lacy Pumpkin Loom-inaries. This crafty little project is reminiscent the balloon and string ornaments that many of us did as children. Also, by changing the colors and embellishments these little luminaries would make a festive addition for just about any occasion.

Happy Halloween!!

My grandson's 1st prize BSA Pumpkin Carving project



Anonymous said...

I love these Loom-inaries! I have a lovely display with your Calabacitas in several sizes. Maybe next year I'll include a few Loom-inaries.

Thank you for the wonderful patterns.


PS Ms. Kitty is great too. I like Linda's patterns a lot. Thanks for converting Beans the Cat into Ms. Kitty.


Terry Schwartz said...

I Know Haloween is over lol, but just catching up. I LOVE that you took the time to remind us of these Loom-inaries. I had lost sight of the fact they were made like the balloon and string ones.
My latest grand niece and nephew will be the perfect age next year to get a kick out of these ... put them on the calendar to start on them right after the new year :)
Terry S (Jersey Girl)