Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Watermelon coaster

This loom knitted coaster was inspired by the many crocheted watermelon coasters I've seen floating around the net. Also, this is the perfect summertime knitting project: small, fast and practical for those iced hot weather drinks. I completed the first of these coasters during a car trip on our weekly trek to the Marcus Institute in Atlanta. In case you're wondering, my husband was driving :-)

This felted coaster was made using the Knifty Knitter Flower Loom and two strands of medium weight Lion Brand Wool in rose, green, white & black. The completed coaster was hand felted on the stove top. This is the coaster before felting:

This coaster was made very similar to the Patriotic Coaster (see previous post), but dramatically updated. The picture above is my second watermelon coaster, since the first one had too much fullness. The increase method had to be modified so the coaster would lay flat. That is one reason I've not published the pattern yet, because I'm still refining and editing the pattern before making it available. However, it will be available shortly.

My next blog post will include a tutorial on the new technique I used to create these round coasters, so stay tuned.

Note: The tutorial pattern for the Watermelon Coaster has been added to the Pattern Box on the right, or the PDF file can be downloaded by clicking here.