Thursday, November 07, 2013

Falling Leaves Lariat & Autumn Skullcap

The Falling Leaves Lariat scarf is another large gauge loom project that I designed for Yahoo LoomClass a couple of year ago and thought now would be the perfect time to share the pattern with Loom Lore readers. The pattern is fairly easy, but does require grafting the 24 leaves (14 large leaves, 5 right-slanting and 5 left-slanting smaller leaves) onto the 36 inch I-cord lariat. Of course, you can adjust the length and number of leaves to any size you desire. Also, the individual leaf pattern can be used alone for embellishment on other projects. 

Close-up of the leaves

The perfect compliment to the Falling Leaves Lariat is the Autumn Skullcap, which is one of my favorite hat patterns and is the basis for Brenda's Raspberry Beret. This short row hat was first featured in the Loom Knitters Circle, Fall 2008 e-zine. The original pattern features the basic skull cap beanie and the long cloche version (pictured below right). The hat pictured on the left is the basic shorter version of the pattern which was added back to the loom to create a brim.



I hope you enjoy these autumn designs!