Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Frankie's Button Bands

Frankie's Button Bands are easy knit wristbands, embellished with buttons or beads, are not only fashionable, but they are also a fun way to use up scraps of yarn. This is a great project for girls of all ages!

Instructions are given for three loom sizes: 5/16” (3/8”, 7/16-1/2”) gauge using between 6 to 9 pegs. The bands are approximately 1 x 7 inches, but they can easily be adapted to any size.

This is a loom knitted adaptation of Frankie Brown’s original design, Button Bands, and generously used with her permission. Frankie’s patterns and my loom knit adaptions of her patterns published on Ravelry are all free. However, if you enjoy these patterns, please consider donating to the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation, which is a very deserving cause. Any donation will be appreciated.