Friday, August 07, 2015

Kitchener Cast On for loom knitters

What do these projects have in common:
  • Smartphone case, June 2012 (top left);
  • Easter ducks, March 2013 (top right);
  • An iPad Mini bag, June 2014 (bottom left); and
  • Yellow Ducks, March 2015 (bottom right)
The answer is that they were all made from the bottom up seamlessly using a drawstring Kitchener Cast On that I developed in the fall of 2011 when I was attempting to find a seamless closure for the bottom of a slipper sock for my granddaughter. (Sorry, but there are no pictures of the frogged attempt on the slipper sock.)

Below are pictures of the bottom of each of the above projects showing what the grafted cast on looks like once it is closed.

This is really an easy technique. The most difficult part is adjusting the stitch tension when closing the cast on edge and that's not difficult once you become a "Stitch Whisper", which is explained on the last page of the Drawstring Kitchener Cast On for the Knitting Looms. Download the photo tutorial by clicking on the link in the previous sentence or in the Techniques section on the right sidebar of this blog. Enjoy!