Saturday, June 15, 2019

Basket Lace Stitch

I recently created a new knit stitch for the looms that resembles a diagonal basket weave on a lacy background. It's a great stitch for scarves, cowls, shawls and an assortment of small projects. It works up quickly, due to the staggered elongated figure-8 stitch that creates the basket weave effect. 

Currently, I am working on a cowl using the Basket Lace Stitch on a CinDWood 1/2" gauge loom, but I just completed a mug hug using the stitch on the KB 3/8" gauge Baby Knit Loom so you can see how the stitch works up.

Here are the Basket Lace Stitch instructions or if you prefer there is also a Basket Lace Stitch PDF available. 

 Basket Lace Stitch for the Loom

(Above sample was made using a KB 3/8” gauge loom with medium worsted weight yarn)


Knit (K): regular or u-wrap knit stitch.

E-wrap Knit (EWK): twisted knit stitch.
Sl1 wyib: slip working yarn in back of peg without knitting
Triple Figure-8 (as worked in this pattern): Knit pegs 1 & 2; * bring the working yarn around & behind peg 2, over-around & behind peg 1, then over peg 2; knit the bottom strand on pegs 1 & 2 over the figure-8 working yarn strand on each peg; tug lightly to remove excess slack, repeat from * two more times to complete the stitch.

Cast On & Setup Rows: Multiples of 2 sts + 2 extra stitches for the edge or just multiples of 2 stitches if working in the round. Work a setup row by slipping first peg, then purling one row

Basket Lace Stitch Pattern  
Rows 1 & 3: Sl1 wyib; K remaining pegs in row.
Row 2: Sl1 wyib; work the Triple Figure-8 as described above on each pair of pegs up to the last peg; K1. 
Row 4: Sl1 wyib; K1; work the Triple Figure-8 stitch as described above on each pair of pegs up to the last two pegs; K2.
Repeat rows 1 – 4 until you have reached your desired length ending with either a Row 1 or 3. Work a purl row; BO.