Friday, January 19, 2007

Sock-It-To-Me Dog Sweater

I'm slowly recovering from having a new puppy in the house and having grandchildren for a two week visit, so I finally set down and knitted a new doggie sweater for Shandy, my elderly Maltese, in order to apply the corrections to my original sock sweater pattern. This time I've added the detailed pattern to my Pattern Box on the right.
I love the colors of the yarn in this one and the contrasting ribbing added to the back edge and leg openings is a nice touch. Also, the back is a straight flat panel instead of the tapered "saddle" look of the first one. It's actually easier to do and it keeps my baby warmer.

Speaking of babies, I need to knit one for Toula, my newest baby Chihuahua, and Shandy's tormentor. Hopefully, I’ll have some new projects up in a few days, if Toula doesn't chew up the yarn.