Saturday, April 25, 2009

Contest winner announced

WOW!! After reading all those wonderful comments, I'm feeling pretty special! Thank you for all the nice compliments and your continued support. Also, as promised, today we find out who won the book, Tiny Yarn Animals. The contest officially closed at midnight last night with a total of forty-five comments to Win this book! The comments were numbered in the order in which they were received as follows:
  1. Jenni J
  2. Mari
  3. Scarlett a.k.a. kittyred
  4. AngelaJ
  5. Robin McCoy
  6. Jen Spilker
  7. kelly
  8. Deeners
  9. wellie
  11. Tiffany aka: mieljolie
  12. Bethany @ Gettin' It Pegged
  13. westie-mom
  14. Stacie
  15. guppygirl
  16. jpirkle
  17. Angelbeader a.k.a Mari
  18. Just Me
  19. LindaJ
  20. Michele
  21. Kelly Croasmum
  22. Angel
  23. Laura
  24. Marlys
  25. karmicraft
  26. Renee
  28. Nel
  29. Rayann
  30. KathrynJB
  31. Helen J.
  32. Anonymous
  33. Andrea
  34. sevenstars7
  35. Karen
  36. dlandlrd
  37. keeper
  38. Aurora
  39. wormlynn
  40. Laura
  41. Dianne Carroll
  42. Linda M
  43. LoomLady June
  44. nugatorytm
  45. Elizabeth S.
After assigning numbers to each comment, I went to and had it to select two numbers out of the 45 comments. The first number is the winner and the second number is the alternate. The following is a screen shot of the winning numbers showing the winner as number 15 and the alternate as number 17:

Congratulations number 15, guppygirl! You have until April 27, 2009 to claim your prize. If I do not hear from guppygirl by April 27th, the prize will go to number 17, Angelbeader aka Mari. Guppygirl, please contact me to claim your prize!