Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baby Gran squares

  12-peg Baby Gran Square (3 inches)

Here's another type of granny squares that I designed for the Knifty Knitter Looms and taught in Yahoo's Loom Class Group almost a year ago. I call these little squares, "Baby Gran" squares, because they are smaller than standard granny squares. Please note that these squares are made totally different from the original Granny-On-The-Loom Squares (GOTL).  The GOTL squares are actual crochet stitches that are produced using two pegs on the knitting loom instead of a crochet hook. The Baby Gran squares are made using knit stitches that simulate crochet and incorporate all the pegs on the loom.

24-peg Baby Gran Square (4.5 inches)

The Baby Gran squares include two designs, a Baby Gran Square12 and a Baby Grand Square24. The 12-peg square incorporates the Knifty Knitter 12-peg Flower Loom and produces a 3 inch square. The 24-peg square is made on the 24-peg Blue Knifty Knitter round loom, which produces a 4.5 inch square.  These can be made in solids or muliti-colors and assembled into afghans, blankets, bags, shawls or incorporated as trim on other projects. This is a fun, portable project, plus a great stash buster!

I did approximately 60 of these little motifs (coasters anyone) when I was designing this project and every one of them looks different from the others, because I was constantly making changes in stitches, yarn or improving techniques used in creating them. I promise that the more you make, the better they look, so don't give up on your first few attempts. 

Assorted Baby Gran Squares

My next blog post will feature the Baby Gran Hexagon motifs. So stay tuned!