Tuesday, October 24, 2017


The human skull, one symbol, so many meanings: 
  • Death, life, life after death
  • Rebirth or change
  • Vanity
  • Good luck, bad luck or no luck
  • Poison
  • Fear or caution in the presence of danger
  • Bravery or courage in the face of death
  • Nonconformity or rebelliousness
  • Decoration or fashion statement
  • Monster High Skullette
Skully is a little loom-knitted embellishment that you may decorate in any way you choose. Hauntingly adorable!! You can make them in any color and decorate them with buttons, embroidery, sequins or ribbon. These make great embellishments for hats, scarves, book bags or headbands. Sew pins on the backs and give them as Halloween or Day of the Dead gifts to friends and family.
The Skully pattern is available on Ravelry for a mere $1.25. Although this is a small applique (2-3”), the pattern is six pages long. Small items require specific techniques, especially on knitting looms, in order to create a clean finished look. This pattern includes the following:
12-peg Skully (right) & 20-peg Skully (left)
  • Two versions of the pattern: one for the CinDWood 12-peg 1/2” round loom and one for the CinDWood 20-peg 3/8” round loom, which also works with the 3/8” KB SockLoom2 set at 20-pegs. The photo on the right shows both versions of the pattern using the same yarn with the accompanying looms on which they were made.
  • Technical specs (skill level, size, gauge based on WPI, materials & notes
  • Photos of finished items using various types of yarn & finishing techniques
  • Techniques for the following: Single Drawstring Cast On; Closing the gap on the CO at end/beginning of rows; transitioning bind off edge from flat to round; Double Flat Knit BO; Single BO; Double Drawstring CO;and using WPI (wraps per inch).
  • General embroidery information is given which includes a simple diagram.

Here are some examples of Skully make on the 12-peg 1/2" gauge CinDWood Round Loom:

These are made on the 20-peg 3/8" looms. The one with the pink bow (top left) was made on the KB SockLoom2 set at 20-pegs and the others were made on the CinDWood Round Loom:. 

Hope you and Skully have a Happy Day of the Dead!

NOTE: Currently, there is NO video tutorial.    However, that could change at any moment.