Sunday, July 15, 2018

Fishy Sachet-Soap Sack

Do you ever wonder what to do with those tiny hotel/motel soaps, other than toss them in the trash? With this little Fishy Sachet-Soap Sack you can stuff those tiny bars or bits of soap inside and actually hold on to them long enough to take a shower.

If you don’t need a soap sack and things are smelling fishy, tie your favorite potpourri in an organza circlet and stuff it in the fishy for a cute little sachet sack. Keep your undies, socks and other clothing items smelling fresh. Also, these make great little gifts, too.

NOTE: As of this current publication, there is NO video tutorial. If a video becomes available, I will update and link it from the pattern and this blog post.

SKILL LEVEL: Easy intermediate

SIZE: 4½ inches (11 cm) in length – size varies depending on which loom/yarn you use.

GAUGE: 3.5 stitches and 8 rows = 1 inch
Exact gauge is not essential to this project as long as you match the yarn to the loom.

  • Yarn: Sugar’n Cream in Poppy (approximately 3 yards); Red Heart Super Saver in Black (18” strand of yarn for knotted eyes)
  • Looms: 12-peg CinDWood 1/2” gauge round loom. Any 12 peg round loom will work. Also, you can increase the number of rows and make this on a larger round loom.
  • Other supplies: loom tool, scissors, yarn needle; crochet hook

Skills included in this pattern:
  • Drawstring cast on
  • Knit stitch
  • Purl stitch
  • k2tog
  • k3tog
  • Yarn over
  • Changing from knitting in the round to two separate panels
  • Picking up stitches to add fin
  • Slipping yarn to the back of the peg
  • I-cord
  • Knotted eye (an alternative to an embroidered French Knot)

Availability: The detailed three-page pattern is available on Ravelry for $1.00:

🐠  Fishy Sachet-Soap Sack. 🐠

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