Friday, December 07, 2018

Honeycomb Lace Ornament

Our Ravelry Loom-a-long Group has a Holiday Swap at the end of November every year. I always try to design and make a special ornament to tuck in my recipient's swap package This year it was the Honeycomb Lace Ornament, which is a little lace cozy that slips onto a 3 inch ball ornament. 

This little project is super quick and easy. It is an unusual yet simple stitch consisting of all knit stitches with no yarn overs which creates a honeycomb lace pattern when worked in the round. The lace is formed based on the frequency of the knit stitches made per peg, but looks totally different when knit as a flat panel.

For my ornaments, I prefer the clear ball ornament and white yarn for the cozy. However, you can mix it up and use different colors of yarn and ornaments to suit your taste or color scheme. For example, the ornament on the top left in the photo above was made using the same Red Heart Shimmer yarn as the other two, but with a gold ball ornament. 

Two different looms were used for this project. The gold ornament was slightly bigger than the other two pictured, so I used the CinDWood 12 peg 5/8" gauge. Round Loom. The two smaller ornaments cozies were made on the CinDWood 12 peg 1/2" gauge Round Loom. The size can be adjusted up or down by increasing/decreasing number of pegs or gauge.

The PDF file can be found on Ravelry at this location:

Happy Holidays to all!