Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ms. Santa Towel Topper

Need a helper for the holidays? Ms. Santa Towel Topper is handy in the kitchen or she can just hang around and brighten your day. All you need is a 12-peg Knifty Knitter Flower Loom, 5-peg end of the Knifty Knitter Spool Loom, a small red towel, small amounts of yarn in red, white and flesh tone and about an hour (more or less).

This towel topper was designed about three years ago, but I never posted the pattern. Before she was forever lost, I decided to add the pattern to my Pattern Box on the right, or you can click here to download. Ms. Santa has always been a favorite with my grandchildren, so I hope she brings a little happiness to you, too.

Update: Here is a Ms. Santa Towel Topper knitted by Tina in St. Augustine, FL. I love the contrasting green towel.


jpirkle said...

I remember her, I just don't remember that a pattern never was posted. See, we are as bad. She isn't any harder than a regular towel topper, just changing colors is all. Does she wash well now that you have had her several years. Did you embroider the design or did the towel come that way?
You are awesome. I should just stop everything else and just make your creations. Then I would be happy. You are so creative.

guppygirl said...

Very cute Brenda :) I am so happy to see this one written up into a pattern. Thanks for sharing your talents with us, especially where free time is more sparse currently. Hugs to you and your family. Have a great day!

LindaJ said...

Thank you, Brenda! She is adorable and I've printed down the PDF. I have a file started for Christmas projects to have done by next year. Another spectacular project! Thank you for sharing her!