Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Loomed leghorn: an egg cozy

It's official, I have spring fever! All I can think about are springtime looming projects. I've got patterns brewing for all types of baskets, bunnies, ducks, chicks and eggs. You could say that I'm "egg-cited" over all the possibilities.

Making an egg cozy
To start things off, I whipped up a little leghorn hen egg cozy that will fit nicely over an egg: both real and plastic. I just happened to have a bag of plastic Easter eggs that I bought on sale a few years ago stashed in my craft supplies, so that's what I used. The hen is loomed on the Knifty Knitter 12 peg flower loom. I did a chain cast on using a medium tension and two strands of worsted weight yarn and then with a flat knit stitch I worked K1/P1 rib stitch for 4 rounds.

The body & head
The body is done in alternating flat knit & purl stitches for 12 rows to form a garter stitch pattern, then I did a flat panel bind off on 6 pegs and continued with the garter stitch pattern for 6 more rows of flat panel work on the remaining 6 pegs to form the head. End by doing a flat panel bind off, remove the hen from the loom and whip the head & back opening shut.

The beak, cone and tail trim are made using crochet chains in the corresponding colors and whip stitched in place. Small googly eyes were added for the eyes, but little black buttons or beads would work nicely. If the number of rows for the hen's body is reduced, the cozy could be used with a Cadbury Egg.

Note: A detailed pattern can be found by clicking the link for the Loomed Leghorn Egg Cozy in My Pattern Box on the right sidebar.


Michelle said...

Hi, Brenda,

You are very creative and you have a nice writing style. Have you considered putting together your own book of knitting and other projects someday? I have seen your lacey scarflet, cupcakes, and other projects. I am a beginner loom knitter and I am not very skilled or patient, but your ideas inspire me! :) Thanks!

Best wishes,

Michelle Bello
Bethlehem, Pa.

Janice said...

LOVE IT! You've come up with yet another way cute pattern. THANKS for sharing.

Bucky said...

You are so creative. Thank You for sharing. I love this . I would love to make one of these myself. Keep up the good work and sharing.


LIz said...

I'm new to knifty knitting and so impressed with your work. I made the egg chick with eyelash yarn added. I love it1 Thank you so muck for the patttern.

melusine_tricote said...

Absolutely lovely !

vspink05 said...

nice, very creative~!

Noie Ismail said...

Hullo, Brenda. Your blog is great! I like the loomed leghorn: an egg cosy and am planning to try to make one too. so cute! Come over and see my blog and give your comments. Thanks.